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The High Paying Incredible Hulk Online Slot Game

As one of the most popular online slot games at all Playtech online casinos, The Incredible Hulk slot game appropriately brings the Marvel character alive which provide some of the best payouts around. One of the largest and most recent was $23,000 on May 31st, 2011 at Windows Casino. This win was achieved without hitting any of the associated progressive jackpot networks associated with the slot series.

The winning Italian player simply wagered at the online casino and won. She began at the X-Men slot game, moved over to Kong: The Eighth Wonder of the World and ended at The Incredible Hulk online slot game. Between the first two games she accumulated over $800. Finally after a few spins into the Incredible Hulk game she hit the smash bonus symbol triggering the bonus game which paid out over $2,200.

She continued to win and finally hit the free spins bonus round where nine Hulk symbols aligned and paid out $23,380. Naturally these high payouts at Marvel-branded online slot games have excited many players and driven additional traffic to the already-popular games. Other popular Marvel slot games include:

  • Elektra
  • Fantastic Four
  • Iron Man
  • Blade
  • Daredevil

Following the large win, Windows Casino released a statement recognizing that the Marvel games boast the best sound effects, graphics, game features. As a result, they are some of most well-designed games available with the Incredible Hulk topping the list. Add in the opportunity to win at one of four jackpots and you have a popular game that has all the features that appeal to the slot enthusiast.

Participants of Playtech-powered online casinos can chase other large payouts at Beach Life and Gold Rally which feature progressive jackpots. Beach Life currently boasts a jackpot of $650,000. The same game paid out over $1 million only two months ago to one lucky winner. Over the past four years, the game has paid out two different sets of $4 million each.

Several of the most popular Playtech online casinos that feature these Marvel-branded slot games include, Casino Del Rio, Omni Casino and Casino Tropez. The Marvel-branded online slot games have always been popular and attracted many players. Now that the gaming world is aware of how well the games pay, in addition to the four progressive jackpots, the popularity of these games is sure to soar over the next several months.